Grants for Small Company For Only Single Mom

Grants for Small Company For Only Single Mom

Govt, local and state government authorities offer a variety of funding applications to help little companies start and grow their functions. These applications include low-interest loans, investment capital, and medical and economic growth allows.

Use our Loans and Grants Search Tool to get a list of funding applications for which you may are eligible, or visit the sources below to explore little company funding applications.

Note: Most little companies do not be eligible for a grants for small company for only single Mom. Understand more on our Facts About Govt Grants page.

Research Grants for Small Businesses For Single Mother
If your little company is engaged in medical analysis and growth (R&D), you may be eligible for a federal allows under the Small Company Advancement Research (SBIR) and the Small Company Technology Transfer (STTR) applications.

SBIR and STTR applications encourage little companies to undertake R&D projects that:

Meet federal R&D objectives
Have high potential for commercialization
Explore or the sources below to explore specific SBIR and STTR applications throughout the federal government.

  1. U.S. Division of Agriculture
  2. U.S. Division of Health and Human Services
  3. U.S Division of Transportation
  4. U.S. Division of Defense
  5. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  6. U.S. Division of Education
  7. National Science Foundation (NSF)
  8. U.S. Division of Energy
  9. National Institution of Requirements and Technology
  10. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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